Blowing my own trumpet – some client testimonials

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A few weeks ago I wrote about the benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and why, when you’re looking for work, you shouldn’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet and let people know how good you are at what you do. So, in the spirit of practicing what I preach I thought I’d share some testimonials with you from some of my happy customers.

client feedback

One of my first clients was a student who was due to sit his GCSEs and who had a very specific career in mind. I was asked to write his CV from scratch and this is what he said:

“It’s definitely a good idea to have it professionally written if you want a superior CV. All the information was pieced together nicely, and it looks very professional!”

It did the trick as he was offered an interview and, subsequently, a job with the company he applied to.

I also re-worked an existing CV for a PR and Journalism graduate who was looking to break into radio broadcasting.

“I supplied Alison with a very basic CV and she took my skills to tell a story of both my work history and volunteer experience. I asked for it to highlight my skills in radio broadcasting and she delivered a CV that highlighted my proudest achievements and the things I think will be vital in landing me that dream job. I now have a CV to be proud of.”

This client not only landed a job in radio broadcasting, but later moved to TV production and now writes for Huffington Post.

When I’m asked to work on a CV I offer three options. I can:

  1. write it from scratch
  2. re-work the CV you currently have
  3. provide feedback on your existing CV so that you can make any changes yourself

It’s not just CVs that I can help with though. Working with a local recruitment agency I coached some of their younger and less experienced candidates in how to handle interviews.

“You worked with a number of candidates with their interview preparation and interview technique and they have been successful in obtaining full time employment.”

I love interview coaching as I get to see some amazing changes in the people I work with.

If you were interested in interview coaching, the first meeting between us would be very informal and would involve talking through some of the questions you’re most likely to encounter in an interview.

I would then send you away with some homework before the next meeting – a full mock interview. I’d then give you written feedback on your performance and, hopefully, you’d be ready to handle a real interview. If I felt you needed a bit more coaching then we’d meet again but, so far, I’ve got a 100% success rate with clients getting job offers.

Finally (because I think I’ve showed off enough!) I’ll tell you about one of my lesser known services (and one I love to do) – proof-reading.

Whether it’s something large (like a book)

“Alison is a perfectionist by nature, which are the sort of qualities I was seeking for this project. She delivered the final manuscript on time and to an exceptionally high standard.”

or small (like a student dissertation or business report)

“I forwarded a draft report to Alison for her appraisal. Often I cannot “see the wood for the trees” and letters and reports are issued containing clumsy phrases and errors. Alison is a good wordsmith and, having received the draft copy, she quickly emailed a corrected proof. Errors had been corrected, the English flowed better and was clearer.”

my red pencil is always to hand.

If I can help you in any way please get in touch and, in the meantime, why not download a copy of my e-book ‘5 Steps to Job Search Success’?

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