Selecting the right font for your CV

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When it comes to writing your CV first impressions are everything, so choose your font wisely as whichever one you go for says a lot about you.

It used to be that Times New Roman was the preferred font for most correspondence. Although it looks practical and is much used in books and newspapers, it now looks very dated and has fallen out of favour.

Times New Roman was followed by Arial as the font du jour. Arial is a plain, evenly spaced font and is one of several recommended by the British Dyslexia Association to make text easier to read for dyslexics. However, Arial has also faded in popularity and, when Microsoft Office changed its default font, it was replaced by Calibri. This was done to improve readability on screen (as opposed to in print) and to make documents look more modern.

This is the font I always use when writing CVs for my clients as it’s easy to read and, above all, looks professional.

I’ve seen CVs, however, written in a multitude of inappropriate fonts including Comic Sans, which is just too informal and childlike for business documentation, and various script fonts which, although they look like handwriting of the neatest kind, are best reserved for wedding invitations and not for your CV.


When it comes to preparing a CV or letter think about which font will be easiest to read and choose the one which best conveys the image you want to portray. Once you’ve chosen the font (and font size) you’re going to use for your CV – STICK WITH IT!! I’ve seen too many CVs that have different fonts of different sizes throughout.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression with your CV so don’t blow it!!

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